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Hi there

We are using RDM right now (and like it very much) but like to optimize security. So we think that RDMS could be the product we need. I made some research on your websites (blog, help, forum etc.). Unfortunately I couldn't find deeper information regarding Security Groups, Roles, Users, Active Directory integration, inheritance etc. and how it is working excactly. I usually find "general" information, no technical doc.

Is there any real technical documentation for RDMS, especially Active Directory Integration and Rights Management?

As we have multiple domains, networks, devices where different types of access on the same groups of sessions are needed (1st, 2nd and 3rd level technical and user support etc.) I'm in need of a precise documentation to evaluate our possiblities or to redesign our session structure within RDM. (I prefer a study of a good documentation to asking the forum for every single issue or to installing a trial version to browse around:-)

(A little side note: With hundreds of sessions, the "creating session-shortcuts method" is no real option:-)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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For that kind of information, we usually book an hour long demo.

Right off the bat I would say that Devolutions Server is a tool for organization that manages rights using its own AD structure. Permissions are assigned by membership in AD groups.

Using credentials from various domains to launch remote access technologies works perfectly fine without being joined to these domains.

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Maurice Côté


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