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We are preparing to build a highly available Remote Desktop Manager Server (Devolutions Server) infrastructure. Two Devolutions Server instances will be loadbalanced by a HA loadbalancer cluster. The SQL database will also be made highly available.

Is there any specific configuration we need to make on the Devolutions Server instances besides just installing both servers following the installation guide and pointing them to the same data source?

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If your Load Balancer will use server affinity to send each workstation always to the same server, you have nothing to do.

If not, then the only modification will be to use a centralized DB for the session state.

Instead of using the State server, you will have to use a SQL Server DB.

At step 8 of Create DS instance, you will choose SQL Server.

Instructions for creating the DB can be found on

In fact, you could create the tables in the same DB as RDM if you wish, but its best to have a separate DB since you'll be able to monitor the activity independently and be able to tune each one if required. If you can, the ideal setup is to host this DB on a separate volume to maximize throughput.

SQL Server state inherently will slow down the calls to the DS Instance, but there's now way around it.

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