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Dashboard session tools selection option

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I'd like to see an option to make the Dashboard Session Tools not selectable across the whole screen. Just make them mouse selectable on the entry itself, not on the white space on the other side of the screen. Either make it an option to keep the current behavior, or just make the change.
I find I select something on the menu when I click on the window to bring it forward. Just annoying, not hugely important. smile

Clock7 yrs

Have you tried the latest beta? It supposed to be exactly like you suggested.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

Unfortunately, I don't use beta software on my production system. However, if that's the new behavior in the next version, I'm happy.

Thanks for the info!

Clock7 yrs

Beta version works smoothly for me. I found it useful for the time being.

Clock7 yrs