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Failed to connect to the host 131084

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I am getting the error on connecting to my computer. This is a micorosft rdp session. I have enabled smart card and have put in a terminal server gateway for this session. I have also unchecked "activate network level authentication".

I never get a prompt asking for smart card password. Whats going on?

Clock5 yrs

Forgot to add that this is the OSX client. I downloaded it just few minutes ago. I am evaluating whether to buy or not . My main purpose is to be able to use it to connect to windows using smart card. Since microsoft rdp for OSX does not support smart cards

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The error number is telling me that something went wrong with the authentication process. We now need to find what exactly is going on.

What kind of hardware/software do you use for your smart card authentication?

Do you need smart card authentication to connect to the gateway?


Benoît Sansregret


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Are you expecting smartcard authentication with the gateway (not the target server behind the server)? Gateway smartcard authentication is currently unsupported. As for authentication with the target server behind the gateway, smartcard authentication should work, but it is currently unsupported with NLA. You did the right thing by disabling NLA.

Here are possible cases where failure is expected:

1) If the gateway expects smartcard authentication, as this is unsupported.
2) If the target server behind the gateway expects NLA. NLA + smartcard is unsupported, but if the server expects NLA you won't get far by disabling it on the client.

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