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I am a heavy Keepass user and am looking for a better cross-platform (Win+OSX) solution to work with RDM or in place of RDM. PVM seems to be a good potential, but I need the ability to store attachments. Is there a timeline for further support of the features when using S3 datasources?

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S3 is just a store for a Xml data file; a simple data source. We support attachments only on advanced data sources (MySQL, ms sql, etc). PVM is also but a subset of RDM features. I would need to understand your requirements before giving proper guidance.

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Maurice Côté


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> PVM is also but a subset of RDM features.

I was not aware of this. I thought they were separate products that complimented each other.

I am a long time user of RDM+Keepass for storing credentials. I have recently added OSX to my toolbag and I would like to have my connections and credentials shared between Win and OSX. Problem is, OSX doesn't support Keepass that I can tell. This makes my connections in RDM pretty useless. Not to mention the crashing/errors from when I load my connections.xml file from Windows.

I do not have the same level of confidence regarding the security of PVM vs. Keepass for my credentials and would like to continue using KP. However, I don't think I have an alternative solution to storing credentials in RDM/PVM if I want the portability between OSX and Windows.

However, I store attachments/licenses/etc. in my KP safe which is what led to this question.

Requirements are:
1. Portability between OSX and Windows for both connections and credentials.
2. Ability to store attachments.
3. Ability to easily/automatically synchronize my connections between my hosts.
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We are about to release Devolutions Online Drive which will allow you to share you connections by using our online storage. You will be able to encrypt your data with your own key. Unfortunately it won't support attachments but you could store them on DropBox and just create a link instead.

David Hervieux


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