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Mac Keys ignore in RDP Sessions

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First - I read a few forum contributions, but do not find one for my wishes / problems.

I use the RDM on Mac 10.9.5 with the undocked rdp window for my systems (xp, win7, win8, w2003, w2008 ...) and I often switch between this windows.

If I use the CMD+TAB always my windows start menu is open. If I want to hide the rdp window with CMD+H nothing happens. If I want to close the window with CMD + W it send a CTRL+S (e.g. in my app it is used for search).

Some times if I use one of the keyboard keys I have trouble in the rdp window (a other control key is in fixed pressed mode).

A other example: I stay in a rdp undocked window - open the RDP About window and want to close it with CMD+W ... nothing happens.

I do not want to complain, I love the RDM on Mac - I only want to know if I am to stupid :-)


Clock6 yrs

Hi Jochen,

Thank you for submitting these issues.
We will take a look at them and fix everything we can.


Jonathan Lafontaine


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