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Customize SQL Server Port

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We use a SQL server for RDM with many home users. Currently, we cannot use RDM using a custom port on our firewall (connection is configured correctly, other items work fine).

For instance, we don't allow traffic on port 1433 for MS SQL. Instead, we allow ports on 110005 which our firewall tranlates to 1433 internally. It's a major security advantage.

When I configure RDM to use it fails. Using telnet, I can query the server just fine. Without the port it works (when I allow it to on firewall). For some reason, we cannot pass on the port number.

This would really help us out and enhance our security if the port was not hardcoded in RDM.


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We use a SQL server connection string so it should work:

Use the comma

David Hervieux


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Thanks, confirmed working!

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