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A few feature requests

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First off I'd just like to say that this is an awesome application and I'm very glad I found it a while back. The improvements over time have been really great. We manage IT for many small businesses and use RDM for centralizing all site and device info plus remote management and it really makes us more efficient. I have a few feature requests that would be great to see in future versions (did a quick check and not sure if they've been asked before):

#1 - Extend the 'Other' section of the Data Entry type: we use this section extensively in documenting various configuration settings and have moved away from spreadsheets altogether! We do have to work under some constraints because of this but if we had just one more column in here it would work a lot better. Right now there are Name and Value pairs but there is often a need to explain or further describe an entry here. Another column for Description would be nice (or a customizable name - right now we just put this info in brackets beside the data in the Name field). An extra column or two would go a long way to making this a powerful documentation feature (I'm trying not to create attached documents as this nests info too deeply and also keeping it all in RDM allows us to print out the full documentation for our clients).

#2 - Undo deletion of a Data Entry or Session

#3 - Preserve history of changes in order to revert an accidental or mistaken change. Right now there is the Log feature - perhaps it can be extended to also record the changes that were made or keep a copy of the Data Entry or Session type similar to how Sub-Connections can exist within another session/data entry.

#4 - Improve the documentation on security and encryption of RDM data. I believe all passwords are encrypted but I haven't figured out how to encrypt the entire database yet (we're using SQL Server and can't afford the Enterprise edition to get the Transparent Data Encryption feature). I see a few options here and there but without proper documentation I'm hesitant to use them. Encrypting all the data is important for us, especially for offline caches on technician laptops. Also, I see that many password managers are supported, but it seems that the features available in RDM are sufficient for us - is this more for supporting various users' preferences and existing environments or does it provide additional security beyond built-in RDM password management?

#5 - Allow moving sub-connections to different nodes in the treeview. Currently when I try to drag a sub-connection to another node, the sub-connection gets copied under the group/folder and not under the other node, which is in the same group/folder as the original node.

That's it for now - I know it's a bit long but it would be very nice to have these features. Thank you very much for such a great app!

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Regarding #4 - I've done some more reading and currently the confusion I think is with the use of 'Xml' in the descriptions under File -> Administration -> Security Provider despite the use of a SQL db. Also, there is another security provider setting under 'Data Source Settings -> Allow password for external system', which I'm not entirely sure how it relates to/affects the other security provider setting.

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First of all, sorry for the delay to answer. Here is the status:

#1: Added a feature request, it's easy to do
#2 and #3: This is planed for the version 8.0 with a full history
#4: No problem we will try to improve the documentation and create security guide
#5: Feature request added. By the way I want to add more "Refactoring" functionnalities in the future version

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Thanks for the reply and that's great to hear!

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A bit older, but this really is a great news!

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