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Edit session (Text) to go full screen

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In the past i've made requests for the edit session (for text sessions) to go full screen (or larger). I wasn't sure if this was still going to be implemented or if I just wasn't communicating my request very well.

I attached the screenshot of both the way it is currently (wayitis) and the way it'd be nice to be (editlarger). It'd be nice to have the edit window grow as you stretch the window instead of having a big gray area.

Another request would be to have the opening of a text session (not editing the session) just go to the dreamopen (see attached file)... allowing you to still edit the text session like it was in notepad, but not able to see all the tabs at the top, etc.

I hope i'm making sense... let me know if i'm not!

Clock8 yrs

It's make sense. My problem is only how to achieve that. It seems simple the the window hasn't been designed to stretch the lower part. Maybe I could add a special command used to only edit the text. So it will only be the text editor without no other data.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs