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Data Report - As Sub Connection

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The new "data report" feature is great but it appears to be missing one capability that would make it very useful as a sub-connection.

The data report requires a connection string. I would like to instead use it as a sub-connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Management session so the credentials, host, instance, database are all inheritied, and I just put the query.

Even better would be to simply add a list of named queries to the SQL Server Management Session that also return results in your "Data report" grid. I say this as I usually use the SQL Management Session as a sub-connection to a RDP session. Since sub-connections can't have sub-connections, I wouldn't be able to do:

RDP-->SQL Server Mgmt-->Query 1 ... Query N

But if RDP-->SQL Server Mgmt could list a bunch of named queries in the dashboard I could click on it would be great.

The goal is to make a template that has SQL Server Management Session with 8-10 commonly used queries (sp_who2, locks, IO stats from virtual tables, etc.) and then use this template over and over for many SQL servers we manage.

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The problem is that the SQL Server Management Studio is an add-on an it's hard to extract data from it. However I have entered a feature request to create a new "Connection String" entry similar to a credential entry. This way you will be able to re-use it. By the way this will open a lot of new ideas and features.

David Hervieux


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That sounds like a good solution and more reuseable. Thanks. Especially if the SQL Server plugin can also use the connection string type to get its connection info too. Then both that and the data reports could share the entry.

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