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Transition between online and offline mode

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Sometimes the transition from online to offline more is accompanied with nasty exceptions and error messages.

Try this: 1. Go online / connect to data source 2. unplug the network cable / disconnect 3. try editing a session.
RDM freezes a couple of seconds and then pops up an ugly exception.

I don't know if it would be possible, but here's an idea:
Offline mode should be a 2-way synchronization between the data-source (SQL server?) and the local encrypted cache.

I'm thinking about something like Outlook and Exchange Server, where you can use the data regardless of whether you're connected or not, but every change is synced to the server when it's available.
The connecting and syncing should be happening in the background. Whenever RDM can establish a connection to the database, it syncs, when not, it uses just the cache.

The idea is that the user doesn't have to think about online or offline mode and can just use (and edit) sessions.

This may be a bold request but would make the product appear more solid.
Random hangs and error messages don't seem very confident.


Clock7 yrs

We already plan to improve the offline mode and allow edit in offline mode. It will be a basic merge.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

Cool, thx!

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