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Relative paths for keepass databases

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I'm in the process of rolling out RDM to multiple users in my department and have hit a problem with setting up keepass as a per user credentials store.

We are using source code management to bundle RDM and a few other tools together, so it's up to the individual as to where they put the directory on their computer. This works fine, with relative paths working to various tools such as putty and winscp, but paths to keepass databases are absolute. Is there any chance of making the keepass database field editable so that relative paths can be put in there? The ability to use variables would possibly be advantageous too.

Thanks for such a great product, keep up the good work.


Clock7 yrs

I see what you mean and I think that we will need the global variable feature. I'm not sure if relative path will work directly but I will test that.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

I just wish that there is a way to make this work. It seems like a good feature.

Clock7 yrs