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SSH scripting & internal scripting

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It would be really nice to be able to right click on an object (or whatever) and be able to run a set of ssh scripts on remote systems. Or possiby add a sub-connection that will run a script. these scripts should allow for asking for input as well as pulling variables from the record.

An example use case would be to be able to change the vlan of the interface that a device is plugged into, or enable/disable the port of a device, update the description, etc... Another example could be to request the configuration or metrics of a switch port and display like the "ping" utility does.

Also, the ability to setup internal scripts that configure, add, or update sessions based on other session variables. So, for example, if I am setting up a new server, I would like to be able to use a template and have ask what sub connections are needed, then set them up based on feedback. This could also be handled via having custom variables and having the sub connections support using those variables.

so, for example, most of the servers I setup will have sub connections like:
- Web interface for server
- Web interface for the application it runs
- ssh interface to server
- serial interface to server
- OOB / management board interface to server
- KVM interface to server
- connection to PDU
- web interface to monitoring package
- Web interface to switch the server is plugged into

If I can add to the base session fields like "switch port", "KVM Port", "Serial Port", etc, the the sub connections would pull that info direct from the main record.

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I have entered a feature request. I will see what I can do.

Thank you for the suggestion

David Hervieux


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