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AddOn "repository" shared folder?

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Hi, today we experienced an issue with addon management. Since RDM is a windows application, the addons are loaded inprocess by reading the local application folder and enumerating the addons.

Now, let's say I have more users that need to have the same addons/addon updates. Currenlty, if I am not wrong, they need to install or update the addon manually on their local computer.

It would be great to have an "check/update" process that loads the addons from a shared folder, or also to upgrade the addons from the internet automatically without having each user to update the same.

The same idea should be applied to update Network Discovery automatically as soon as one published the new package on a shared folder (?)

What do you think?

Thank you!

Clock7 yrs

It's a good idea. I can't promise you that for the version 7.5 but I have entered a feature request. We could save them directly in the database too.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs