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Incremental Search in Description

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Dear RDM Team,

I'm not sure if it's an Bug or an Enhancement Request. But the more i write the more it seems like an Enhancement Request.
As I learned by writing this, the search function is called "filter" and it seems that it works just like a pattern filter.
I think this behavior isn't appropriate when it comes to the description field. If you really make use of this field, than it is most likely that you have more than one word/line of text.
The search (ok, filter) box now missleads, that the search is incrementell and full text over the description field as a whole. But as it acts like a filter it is likely that you don't get any results if you type in more than one search pattern.

Steps to reproduce:
-Create entry with following description and line feed:
key1 key2
-Configrue Search filter to search for description fields
-Search for "key1 key2"
--> Entry found
-Search for "key1 key3"
--> Entry not found
-Search for "key2 key1"
--> Entry not found
-Search for "key1 y2"
--> Entry not found

It would be cool if the search would act as a full text search for the decription field and not as a simple pattern filter.

Kind regards.

Clock5 yrs

You can take a look at the help here:

It's possible to use || or && to search two pattern. For example you could type key1 || key2

I hope this help.


David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs

Thank you for the hint - that works like a charm. Sorry, I don't know how I could miss this.
Maybe "&&" could be made the default action (or optional) for spaces in the search field...

Kind regards!

Clock5 yrs