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List of things that could be improved in RDM

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After some usage time I have made a list of features that could greatly improve RDM usability (for every one I tried to find answer in documentation but I did not find it):

1) Sub-connection functionality
It would be really useful if I could call root node from sub-connection. For example, I need to login via IE when I want to launch customized version of citrix application that is launched also from IE. It would be great if the sub-connection would call the root node for login and after certain amount of time launch itself (e.g. 10 seconds).

2) SQL Server Addon - multiple connections
It would be great if you could add a feature that if you have sql server management studio opened the new connection from RDM would join already opened studio. Currently only new instance of SSMS is opened for every connection, which means huge amount of SSMS if I would open it from RDM.

3) After connect - macro functionality for RDP
It would be really nice if one could enter a trigger like certain window opened perform following action. We have after the RDP session a pre-login window with warning message shown where one must press enter before entering login information. Currently, I'm doing it via macro that waits 5s and then presses {ENTER} - the problem is that the quality of connection is always different. If the connection speed is lousy then the macro misses the enter and I have to do it manually and I don't want to increase the value as I would have to wait additional time when the connection is good. The great solution then would be to recognize that the warning window is displayed and that would trigger a macro with the {ENTER} key.

That is it for now,

Thank you
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1) The concept of opening a session as a prerequisite to another one is through our VPN functionality. As the VPN session you can select obviously a VPN entry, but also command line sessions, web sessions, etc.

2) The only way for us to launch SSMS is using the command line. It doesn't have a parameter to achieve what you are asking for.

3) For most of the technologies we interface with, the content of the session is really just a drawing, we have no way detecting a dialog such as this.

Best regards,
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Maurice Côté


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Hello Maurice,

addendum 1) Perfect. I will play around with VPN sessions to see how it could fit my scenario.

addendum 2) I see. You are right that SSMS command line does not have this feature via switch. The only "hackish" way would be to have all the necessary connection defined in a project and open a project with the connections and you could open them. Otherwise it would be better to use registre server functionality.

addendum 3) Well I thought about RDP. You have to have means to enter a id/password to the login window. What would be the difference in pressing any key, {enter} in this example, before entering the credentials (even without detecting the actual window)?

Thank you for your reply.

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