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Credential List Window always on top

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Let me do a little introduction.
It happens that on some sites I've multiple accounts (I think everyone is in the same situation), so to not create n sessions/data entries linked to every account, I create custom folders/groups with "Credential repository - prompt on connection" with a specific folder of that credential repository, just like this


Then into that folder/group I create my session or data entry with "Credentials - Inherited"


Finally when I browse to that website seldom happens that the Credential List Window popups in the foreground


If happens that it isn't on foreground (most of the time) I've to select the RDM window, select the credentials and then re-select Chrome from the taskbar.
What I would like is an option or default behaviour to make that window always on top.
Or just let the browser extension do the work listing all credentials if the option to link it is enabled in the session/data entry (this will be the best I suppose), because now it just list the title of the matching session/data entry.


Do you think is possible?
Thanks, best regards.

Clock5 yrs

Hi Logharn,

The credentials list windows will always popup on top in the next version.

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


Clock5 yrs

Hi Olivier, that's good.

Thank you!

Best regards.

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