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Integrated VPN options / phonebook

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When using VPN we can use phonebook from computer or embed a phonebook file

Adding VPN's takes a long time if we have to create an empty pbk for each connection, add VPN details via Windows Phonebook manager and then embed that phonebook file. Changing connection details takes several steps as well.

I would appreciate the possibility to edit phonebook entries straight from RDM.

For instance, when adding VPN provide the option to add new phonebookfile. Which will create %tmp%\phonebook.pbk and automatically open it for editing in the Windows Phonebook editor. This would really be a convenient shortcode as opposed to manually creating empty pbk, then edit and then upload.

Would expect this to be as easy as >

Button [NEW PBK] in RDM
RDM creates %temp%\sessionidorsomething.pbk
Run rasphone -f temp.pbk
When process ends automatically reimport pbk file

This seems very feasable and easy to implement and would be a great addition. Would you not agree?


In addition having central PBK which contains all vpn connections and can be referenced would also make sense.
So just apply same logic to phonebookdocument which would then be referenced to by all appropriate sessions
edited by rolflobker on 12/30/2014

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I will enter a feature request to simplify the edit process. I think you're right and I think it would be possible to implement like your suggestion.

You can create a phonebook from the document type to centralize all your phonebook.


David Hervieux


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Thanks David!

Yes, we can have a central phonebookdocument but then you still have to save the document, open with rasman and replace the document. You still have to manually create an empty pbk and export- and import for each change or addition.

abillity to add and edit phonebookdocuments (whether phonebookdocument or embedded pbk) without 'leaving' RDM would greatly simplify the process and ease of use.

Looking forward to another great new release. Keep up the good work!

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