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Import or WMI query to Information tab

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Just feature we think would be nice.

We have lansweeper on site and it pulls all the hardware, software, etc data already. So it would be nice if we could just query its database of stuff and populate the information tab. Their database is MS SQL and open to anyone querying data so I don't think it would be that hard.

Another option nearly as easy would be to give us the option to change the information tab to a url with the desired info.

Example of Lansweeper hardware info:

The other option might be to add a smtp or wmi query button against a connection to do a one time pull of the info. I've done this before with windows powershell and vb for some custom stuff I've done before.



Clock5 yrs

I will check what we can do with Lansweeper. We already have integrated spicework and perhaps we could do something similar with Lansweeper. For WMI it's something that we want to do eventually.

David Hervieux


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