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Feature Request - Online Backup Files - More Info / Options

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Would like to see the online backup files show at minimum 2 more info columns. One to show amount of entry records, and another to show if backup was Manual or Automatically generated. Secondly' a bookmark or flag of backup as the preferred restoral file, since it would be hard to re trace our steps if last known good backup time was not noted.

David Bannerman
Linfield Christian School

Clock5 yrs

I totally agree with you. I will make sure this is added soon.

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs


Thank you for the suggestions. They are all done and will be available in the next build.

- Entry count : # of connections/sessions (includes sub-connections)
- Item count : # of actual saved connections/sessions (don't count sub-connections & linked sessions only count once)
- Mode : Manual/Automatic
- Star : you can Star/Un-Star any backup

Here is a sample screen shot:

Stefane Lavergne


2-4-2015 3-00-10 PM.png
Clock5 yrs