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Disabled credential not showed in Credential Promp

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Hi guys,

We have few credentials we have disabled for various reasons but what is frustrating my is that these creds will be showed in the credential prompt when we ask the user to select which creds he is going to use to connect and he has no way to see it there the user is disabled.

The best solution would be is the creds are Locked, Disabled or Expired then the user would not see them in the list of creds but if it has a warning it would be showed beside the creds in the list.
Other solution would be to show them but also show the status like we see it in the tree.

Ps... can you also in the forum do the string size of post little longer 10 char extra would be great wink

Ingvar Orn Ingolfsson
System Engineer
Axdata AS - Norway

Clock5 yrs

I have added the status in the dialog and this will be in the next release. I also have sent an email to Matt about the forum title size. He will look at it.

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs

Hi Ingvar,

I've changed the max limit from 50 to 100, I hope that should be enough!


Matthieu Goulet


Clock5 yrs