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Dynamic folders

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Would it be possible, if its not already in there, to have dynamic folders?

I'm thinking that 'Add Group/Folder' could have a option to allow dynamic folders, and where the contents of the folders are populated depending on the query you put it. The queries could be the macro language, so for example $COMPUTER_IP$ = "192.168.67.*" would return all nodes/computer/devices that has a IP adress that matches 192.168.67. something .... In that folder view.

Today we have all our devices grouped by function (websites/vmware/sql/exchange etc etc) but if one does a site wide change, and need to login to every single device of one kind (all websites or all nodes in a site) it would be very handy to be able to have them dynamically grouped together in a folder view.

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I will enter a feature request for that but for now it's not supported

David Hervieux


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Would be a great feature!

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We would appreciate such a feature too. It should be possible to assign a security group to this dynamic folder. Would make it easier when we need to give access on sessions to user groups for specific tasks. The manual version by adding shortcuts is not practical anymore with that number of sessions. To reduce security risks one could define, that refreshs are only possible when having Admin rights. Or whatever. You'll figure out somethingsmile

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