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Security settings to only edit "own" sessions

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Beautiful, great product, thanks!! We're just evaluating but will definitely be purchasing.
Could we have a security feature that would allow a user to edit their own sessions that they create but not edit others unless they're in a specific group? For example, James manages two sites and helps out with three other sites. Those three sites are managed by Michelle. So James should be able to edit all the sessions belonging to his sites, and still access Michelle's sessions for when he helps her out. But James shouldn't be able to edit Michelle's sessions so that Michelle sees unexpected results the next time she goes to use a session.
And Vince, the administrator (and IT God) can "go ahead" and edit ALL sessions of course.

Clock8 yrs

This is not possible for now but we want to improve the security management. We want to apply different rights to a security group.


David Hervieux


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