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2 Factor Per Session.

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I know RDM already supports 2 factor via google auth and yubikey, there are already many posts regarding 2 factor via radius which is what I need for my implementation as well using Toopher.

However, along with this please make an option to re-prompt 2 factor on each session open. We don't need the username / password since that's already achieved via the first login to the app, but we should be able to re-prompt 2 factor upon opening of a session, this seems like it would be easy to add to the connection options.


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I will add a feature request for the reprompt. By the way Topher is also on our todo lisst.

David Hervieux


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Awesome, thank you.

And unfortunately our business team chose another 2 factor, so Radius is really important, although radius usually isn't something you open to an entire network but specific devices so it would probably only work with the server solution. Which is what we have.

Thanks again!

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