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folder inheritance

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Hi is there a chance to set the inheritance per Script (Powershell).We can´t find any Parameter that can do this...We want to set every Folder that we have created on inherited.



Clock6 yrs

---- Code ----
$entries = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.Kind -eq "Group"}
foreach ($entry in $entries)
Write-Host (" Processing : " + $entry.Name);
$entry.CredentialConnectionId = "1310CF82-6FAB-4B7A-9EEA-3E2E451CA2CF"
Set-RDMSession $entry;
---- End ----
the string "1310CF82-6FAB-4B7A-9EEA-3E2E451CA2CF" is the inherited setting.

Clock5 yrs