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We had a problem when we connect to the same server with the same username and keep kicking each other out.
What about a feature that will recognize (in a central DB located installation) if another user is connected to the device and warn the user that he is connecting to a device that <User> from <machine> is already connected.
Give also the option to send a message via the RDM-Agent and get back a response.

By default I think that only real connection like rdp, telnet/ssh, teamviewer Etc, should be there. web pages should not warn (unless you check it)


Clock5 yrs

We have that, it's in the logs Tab of the session

it's called Warn if already opened, but it works only for embedded sessions that have been launched from that data source

Maurice Côté


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With so many option to config in the options I cannot find it, you should implement a search bar (like in chrome settings).

Where is it ?

Clock5 yrs

You can find the help topic here:

The search bar is already on my todo list but since we have so many settings like you mentioned it's not simple to add. This would have been much easier if we started with that from the beginning.

David Hervieux


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Is there a way to change this setting on a global level ?

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Hi Snir Hoffman,

You can change your default session settings in File -> Templates -> Session. All your new sessions will be created using the settings that you set in this section.

Also, if you want to enable this settings for all your existing sessions, you can do a Batch Edit

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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