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Templates to have Sub-Connections tab

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Having the Sub-Connections as part of a template would let me define a Template "profile" such that, for example, for every RDP Session, I'd like to automatically also have pre-configured subconnections of VM Remote Console (because virtually the whole environment is virtualized), VNC (because all my machines of VNC installed), Web Browser (because I *could* have a web-enabled management/inventory on all my machines), and Command Line, because all my computers are managed via Zenworks, and I could use the external utilities to connect to it). That would be 5 sessions types already pre-populated with a single template assignment! And then by simply populating attributes of the parent session, I'm "activating" functionality in all the subconnections. Then, applying this to the Import Computer Wizard, say I select 100 workstations to import, I would get 500 sessions defined in a matter of seconds. Now *THAT* is time savings!

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I agree - this would be a time-saver!
But not only on new imports. Every new connection (let it be one or two at a time) would be instantly pre-populated with my standard sub-connections.
I can see the quality officer jumping in the air, literally.
Dont know how this could be coded but I like the idea.
But if I have nearly every connection populated with sub-connections, the session tree should also show the sub-connections.

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