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Security on folder based on local ip address

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We have about 80 different environments,running vdi sessions in each of them.

In each environment we use a central RDM version, RDM is setup with a folder structure with the environments.


Etc etc

We got the requirement that RDM users should only see the "Environment" folder of the enviroment they are logged on to.

Sofar we found 2 ways to identify the environment:

A: In the VDI session there is a Windows variable which lists the environment the user is logged on to
B: Using the ip subnet, each environment has their own ip range

The question is if it is possible to have a security option not based on groups, but on ip range or Windows variable ?



Clock5 yrs

For now it's not supported. Honestly I'm not sure exactly how we could fit this in our current architecture. I will have to think about it. I will enter a feature request for that.

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs

for now i could workaround it by using a seperate sql database for each environment, but it means it have about 80 sql databases

Clock5 yrs