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Subject:Custom Session Fields

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I think it would be great if we could be able to create our own custom fields for sessions.

For example New Entry - Data - Custom
In here we could specify our own field names like for example "VoIP Username" and beneath that another for "VoIP Phone" then another for "Password" and another for "Proxy Server" etc etc all with their own text based fields for the answer. This would be handy for literally any type of information that you just want at a glance or record keeping, rather than a connection to something.

I hope that makes sense and would be easy to implement.


Clock5 yrs

that sounds like our data entry- other

do you want this as a session or as we already provide?

we do have 5 custom fields in our entries and you can change their labels, I don't know if that's sufficient for you

Maurice Côté


Clock5 yrs

Oh great, you know I didnt notice the data entry - other. That is precisely what I was after! This program keeps on giving. Thanks for the quick response.

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