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Normal user cannot access RDMS while Admin does

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Hi there,

We are trying RDMS with a Trial license. RDMS server are configured to authenticate against Active Directory with three levels (AD Groups).

It works from the first try with users that have Administrator rights but nothing happens for users without Admin rights. The datasource is configured the same way and Test button shows that connection is successfull.

When we try the "view AD Groups" function for the non-working user from RDMS Console, it shows the right permissions.

Here's the debug info from log file on client computer :

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What versions of RDM and RDMS are you running?

What do you mean by nothing happens? We would expect either an access denied, or the user seeing nothing because he has no permissions at all in the system.

It would help to know the security groups you've defined, the roles you've created, the Instance settings (the first panel when you Edit the instance in the RDMS Console).

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Hi Maurice,

We are running RDM 10.0.4 and RDMS 2.2.21.

The data source connection doesn't seems to work, it stays offline even if we enter the username/password. The option menu "File->My Data Source Information" is greyed out.

The same user can logon on the web interface of RDMS and see connections within his user rights. The SQL connection wit the same user works well with the same username/security roles.

We have three Roles :
G_Administrateur réseaux
G_Administrateur systèmes
G_Technicien réseaux

Those roles are linked to Security groups named SysAdmin, Admin and Tech.

Each user is member of exclusively one role and has perpmission of read or read/write objects defined by security groups.

The instance settings is :
Name : Production
Authenticate with RDMS user : unchecked
Authenticate with domain user : checked
Domain : localdomain
Domain controller : dc.localdomain.local
Use inherited AD group : checked
Auto create domain users in database : checked
Authenticate with local machine user : unchecked
Authenticate with database user : unchecked

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well, what throws me for a loop is that you say that the web interface works. So its not an authentication or AD integration issue.

Is there anything relevant in Help - View Application Logs for that user?

can you launch RDM with the profiler option? (RemoteDesktopManager /profiler), you would see the database communication in that window.

Maurice Côté


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