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Friendly local names for entries

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Hey guys, maybe this is already possible and I just don't know about it, but it would be awesome if I could rename our entries just for myself. The problem is that we typically give our entries a name that matches the computer name, so RCApp211 for example. It would be awesome if I could also give it a local friendly name, such as "RC Scheduled Tasks Server" I would want this to only show up for myself though, and not everyone. Then in the Navigation pane it could maybe show up as "RCApp211 (RC Scheduled Tasks Server)", with the "(RC Scheduled Tasks Server)" portion in a faded out grey color so we know it's the friendly part. I guess it wouldn't even be a big deal if it showed up for everyone, as long as the friendly name portion was a different color so everyone knew that was the friendly name portion. So maybe you want to have both a global and local friendly name, where the local one replaces the global one if the local one is defined. I still think the local friendly name is valuable for if 2 people use the same server for 2 different purposes, they can give it their own friendly name. Is this "friendly name" feature already possible today? It would make navigating our 200+ servers much easier and would prevent constantly logging into the wrong servers, so it would be a big productivity booster too. Thanks.

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Unfortunately it's not possible for now. I will enter a feature request for that but I have to think about it. I have to find an easy and efficient way to manage that in our database.


David Hervieux


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You could use the Neta Information (Sustom Fields, Notes,...) for this.
So wehen you search for "Schedule" a list of all your schedule Task Server come up, where other people for the same server with function "Report Services" just search for "Report" and find it also.

e.g. cluster Nodes are named Jane and John, Mary and Moe,... and i search for "Cluster" (because i entered it in the Meta Information) and find all my Clusters.

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