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Re-Arranging Objecting - More control

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I would like to have more power over rearranging objects. For example

1. Move objects around with the mouse instead of and addition to the "Sort Entries" feature.
2. Move multiple objects up or down by selecting them using CNTR or SHIFT key inside of "Sort Entries"
3. Insert a separator line between objects in the Session Tree. Helps to keep different types of objects visually in order.

Thank you. RDM Kicks Asmilesmile

Clock5 yrs

I have entered a feature request for the multi select. For the line separator it's s good idea but I will have to check if the UI can do that. I'm not sure. About the mouse drag and drop. It's already on our todo list but it's not as simple as it seems since everything could be stored in a database.

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs