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PVM + RDM Integration

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We're in the process of implementing RDM Enterprise with a SQL Server-backed datasource. Some staff have been using RDM for a long time, and are very... set in their ways when it comes to how they organize their groups and sessions. I was hoping there might be a way to set up a single credential repository in PVM, and then offer staff two choices. Either use the shared datasource in RDM, or use their own datasource. However, either option would have to be able to use the credentials from the shared PVM credential repository. I can't figure out how to do this, if it's even possible. Does that make sense? Is there a way to accomplish what I'm describing?


Justin Trout
Director of IT Operations,
Senior Programmer
Association Technology Solutions

Clock8 yrs

If I understand correctly what you want to do it's simple. You have to configure your session with any default credentials you want. Your users will have to edit the session and enter their specific settings. This feature is call User Specfic Settings and it's available in the context menu.

With this option, they will be able to create a link with PVM to connect with their own entries.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs