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RDManager showing up only folders

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Hello Team,
I've been using the RemoteDesktopManager quite for an year and it was always a fantastic experience with every upgrade. Unfortunately this time, RemoteDesktopManager upgrade caused me a great trouble.
After upgrading to latest version recently, RemoteDesktopManager started showing only the Folder structure but not any connections list underneath. Further to that, when I try to import the connections list from my backup copy it's reporting that connections are already existing for each of the entry. This explains that my .rdm file is inact correct with for some reason the latest version not showing me the Folder structure alone.
The root is shown up as: "Sessions - :Favorites Only"
It would be a great help if one of you can help me brining my connections list back to life. Thanks in advance and appreciate you understanding in this regard.

Clock8 yrs

Could you send me a print screen? Also, I'm not sure if this will help but could you try this version?

Sorry about that.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs

I was searching for a solution to this same issue when I stumbled on the solution. Next to the <Search> bar at the bottom of the screen, you can hit the More button and specify "Show Only Favorites" at the bottom of the list. Uncheck that and the connections will all show up again.

Clock8 yrs

thank you thank you arongits. I missed this filter setting and was experiencing the same problem.

Clock8 yrs

You bet!

Clock8 yrs

I didn't know I am one of those who missed it. Thanks for pointing the right way.

Clock8 yrs

@arongits: Thank you!

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