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RDM folders/hide credential entries

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I'm using RDM and I'm unable to create folders/subfolders in Credentials Repository, or hide credential entries. In this way there is no data privacy because all people can view entries.

thanks in advance

Clock8 yrs

To create folders or subfolders for credential entries.
1. Create a credential entry.
2. Click the three dots right the field Group/folder
In the opening window name the new group/folder and the place wher to store. That's it.
See the screenshots....
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Clock8 yrs

You can also collapse the credentials, so no-one can see which credentials are defined.

Clock8 yrs

This create a folder under SESSIONS tree and not under CREDENTIALS tree. I I would like to create a folder structure under Credentials.

thank you

Clock8 yrs

Do you have to add a Credential entry?
When I do this it create a folder in the credentials.

Clock8 yrs

The function maybe a little bit misunderstanding. In the second screenshot you see the Session groups, but when you name the group in the field and click the button "add group" it creates the subfolder and in the subfolder there is the credential entry.

Clock8 yrs

Thank you. It works

Clock8 yrs

Great, that I've helped. For security, please collapse the credential folder. So no-one can see which credentials are defined.

Clock8 yrs