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We are new to the product but our guys love the standard version and we have purchased enterprise. I wanted some help in getting a proper setup....

The example being an employee installs a client which connects to a MS sql database and has the licence info already embedded and everyone has the same list of servers in groups show up etc.
How to achieve the above?
How are different usernames and passwords managed for the above?
We have registered at updated in the serial vault, whats the 'Subcribe Key'?

Thanks in advance

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I would recommend watching our "Getting started for teams" video on the tutorials page :, it gives a few pointers and best practices.

The connection to the DB is done with a Data source, you have a few choices to have your colleagues connect to the same data source

  • re-create the data source on each workstation, its basically the name of the instance, the name of the DB, and the credentials.
  • export your own data source definition and have your colleagues import it, take care not to export your username and password
  • use our custom installer service that will perform the install as well a duplicate the settings. This is a paying subscription unless you have purchased a support plan.

The Remote Desktop Manager Online service is in fact our DB in the cloud, you do not seem to need this.
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Looking at the video, I can't see to find more information on the Intergrated security (Active Directory) check box and what it does and when to use it instead of entering a connection user name and password?

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Please consult the following topic for more information:

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Jeff Dagenais

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