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Remote Desktop Manager Server 'Lite'?

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I currently have several machines I run RDM from, both on/off of the company network. On the corporate network, I am behind a proxy, so I can't connect to a SQL instance outside of the corporate network. From home, on a personal device, I can't access the corporate network. So, because I had no universally accessible place for a SQL instance, I was typically exporting/importing a config file a few times a week on all systems. What I have done recently is to setup a SQL instance & linux box in a cloud environment, which I can access over a SSH tunnel thru putty either directly or thru the corporate proxy when at work.

While this works, especially with offline mode, to me it's kludgy and I don't like the idea of running a SQL connection directly over the internet.

My thought was if there was a simple webservice in front the of the database that would allow you to access it over HTTPS, it would be perfect. I know that Remote Desktop Manager Server essentially does this (and alot more) but it's way overkill for my needs, especially given the cost.

My thought was maybe you could create a small server side component that could be deployed, like a Remote Desktop Manager Server Lite or 'data source proxy' that's free or included with normal RDM enterprise license, it would be very helpful.

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We have begun offering Remote Desktop Online storage, basically your data file stored on our cloud, thats in our latest beta. There is also dropbox, S3, FTP and even Web storage. There offerings are perfect for individuals.

Another option for teams is Remote Desktop Manager Online, the Professional edition allows for 1500 sessions. Please consult

Remote Desktop Manager Server is becoming more like an Add-on, it will be offered separately from the Desktop Client so our users can pick and choose what they prefer. Pricing will be announced shortly.

With all these choices, I do not think we will create another edition of the Server product in the short term, but we never say no...

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Small correction; Remote Desktop Manager Online Storage will be soon available.

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Sorry to dig this up again, but these options just aren't very relevant in today's age. They are also one way, and a hassle to actually use in practice (e.g. ftp, s3, dropbox, etc..) because if I am using RDM on more than one PC, I have to remember to reload/refresh the file every time I switch PC's, or they become out of sync. Since I last posted this, I have just been using a SQL DB, which I connect to locally at home, and over a SSH tunnel at work that I can run over proxy. This works, but it's not secure or a proper implementation.

What I was suggesting was a simple service that implemented a basic REST service for example, that would act as a simple piece of middleware between RDM and the DB. Nothing fancy, just something that will run over HTTP and be more reliable/secure than using a plain SQL connection over the internet. This way, even me as a single user, has one place that is globally updated and accessible everywhere where I have RDM installed without having to move files around. I'm not asking for any of the RDMS features (e.g. security, etc.) just a piece of web middleware that allows me to securely connect to the SQL DB datasource you already support in RDM.

Unless RDOS is going to implement what I am speaking of, I don't see how RDOS would be any better than using onedrive, dropbox, etc..

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