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Session host reference "object" entry

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Not sure if there is an easy way to do this with the custom variables. Basically if you have a device and you want to create a couple of different session types for it, you are duplicating the host information. If you have a server that you can VNC, SSH, and web browse to, all three sessions either have a host name or an IP address. If that changes, you need to update three entries. I'd like to remove this information from the session entry and store it in an asset entry instead, referencing a field in the asset entry to be used for the hostname/IP address in the sessions. It would need to be more than just a checkbox in the session to use the hostname/IP from the asset entry. For example, in the web browser session, you may need to append a port and URL, so you would put something like https://$HOST$:8443/login

I may just be missing it since there are so many features, let me know.


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You have three solutions:

1. Use a sub-connection for each types and use the $HOST$ variable. You can use an RDP or an host connection type as the parent
2. Use a group with the type computer and use the $COMPUTER_HOST$ in all the connections saved into the group
3. Create an RDP entry and create a template with variable for all the other types. Create a Session Script Tool for each template and link them to the connection template. This will allow you to create a special connection.

David Hervieux


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