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We have x amount of folders for clients of ours.
Let's say each folder has 10 devices in them.
Folder A
Folder B
Folder C...
I search symantec, every device that has symantec labeled in keywords/tags box comes up. I'm looking for a specific device in Folder B for symantec.. but I get about 50 results and I have to go look for Folder B.
What I would like to happen is to be able to search "folder b symantec or symantec folder b" so then only 1 device would appear instead of 50 things that I have to look through. I tried to put Folder B into the keywords of this particular device but nothing will come up if I add "folder b symantec".
The workaround for this would be needing to add Folder B to each line of every keyword I have listed for each device in that folder.

Clock8 yrs

I see what you mean. I have added this to our todo list. This will not be in the version 7.0 but it might be added soon after.


David Hervieux


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