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Why Purchase RDM Server?

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I'm looking to purchase some RDM Enterprise licenses to use within our team. My question is, why would I also purchase Remote Desktop Manager Server along with these licenses? What benefits would I gain over just pointing Remote Desktop Manager directly to a SQL instance on a database server?

Clock6 yrs

Hi Nick

Perhaps this helps a bit about that question: We asked us the same question.

Best regards.

Clock6 yrs

Thanks Patrick. I can see the benefits of the 'proxy' nature of RDMS to the data source. With regards to the only other benefit of RDMS (correct me if this statement is wrong) am I right in saying that domain logons to the (MS SQL) advanced datasource are therefore controlled by ACLs in SQL server but if you have Remote Desktop Manager Server you can control logons directly in Active Directory (using AD groups)? But what if you created an AD group then gave that permissions to the database; wouldn't that achieve the same effect? Also, are we just talking about logons here or does it extend to more granular permissions (i.e. only allowing access to a certain part of the session list, for example)?

Clock6 yrs

The main difference is that roles are automatically applied with the AD group which is not the case with the SQL Server version. You have to manually apply the roles to each user. It can't be linked to an existing AD group.

By hiding the database behind a server, you get a much better security since nobody has a direct access to the database.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs