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LogMeIn - "Log on to" for domains

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Can't enter a domain with credentials for a LogMeIn Session

Here's the element for the "Log on to" field if that helps:

<select id="dmn" class="txt" name="domain" onblur="domainSelected(this);" style="width: 198px; "> <option value="XXXX">XXXX (this computer)</option> <option value="YYYY" selected="">YYYY</option> <option value="ZZZZ">ZZZZ</option> <option value="OTHERIN=LIST">Other...</option> </select>

This computer is able to log in to two domains in the example above:
XXXX (the local computer)
YYYY (domain 1)
ZZZZ (domain 2)

Clock8 yrs

I have added this to my todo list. It's not supported for now.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs