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Resolve Hostname first. If fail; use IP history...

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I have thought about this suggestion/improvement many times before, but never wrote it down here as a request.
It's pretty hard to explain, but let me try at least.

We use DNS for almost everything. We have several constant hardware VPN connections to our larger customers from our company.
Dependent from where I'm located(inside company, software VPN from home/in the field, etc.), I can't always resolve DNS(FW blocks). But IP does work.

What I imagine would be a great improvement to our everyday scenario, would be:
Say I'm connected via software VPN from home and try to connect to a RPD session from RDM. Because the FW blocks DNS query's from this subnet, RDM is unable to get an IP(unable to resolve the Hostname/FQDN in the RDP session).

What I wish RDM could do is to have two fields: "Hostname" and "IP Address" in a below field + a history button to the right, that shows the last 5-10 IP addresses the Hostname resolved to(with Time/Date when it resolved to a new IP). So if for example a 3 years old RDP entry's Hostname only ever resolved to four different IP's, by pressing the button to the right of the "IP Address" field. One could see when RDM picked up when the IP's had changed trug-out the years.

So when I try to open a RDP entry and the Hostname is unable to be resolved to an IP, RDM asks me if I would like to try to connect to the last(working) IP the Hostname resolved to.

P.S. Does RDM try to resolve "Hostname" before connecting?
If not, it should. Because it doesn't make any sense to try to connect to a Hostname/DNS name, if it doesn't resolve to an IP address first and you don't have to(save time) wait for a RDP timeout.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.
Please let me know if I can elaborate on something.
Thank you.



Clock6 yrs

I will analyse your request but I'm not sure how easy this will fit in our architecture. RDM does not resolve any hostname before the connection and it's done by RDP directly. It's already possible to add an alternate host and RDM will try to ping it and it will pick the one that work. I think that the missing part is the automatic resolving and history.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

I just thought several times about asking the same thing. So +1 from me wink There are many scenarios, where this would be a really helpful feature in environments, that make heavy use of DNS.

Kind regards

Clock6 yrs