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Tile Sessions and Type Commands to all sessions

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I have seen this application called MobaXterm and it has a feature that allows you to send commands simultaneously to sessions, which are displayed in a tiled configuration within the window. I would like to see this same feature in this tool if possibble. So, for example, if you had 4 CLI sessions open, you could tile them so that they are all visible at the same time, then you could type the same command to all 4 sessions. Can this be done?

Clock6 yrs

We will have this feature for RDP in the next version. You will have to deploy a small agent on the destination host. We are investigating the same feature for embedded consoles.

David Hervieux


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Any update on this feature for console sessions? The reason I'm asking is that we have someone within our company that is trying to promote MobaXterm over using RDM because of some of the features it possesses. There are a lot of things that RDM can do that MobaXterm can't. However, MobaXterm has a quicker startup and uses less resources than RDM and serves most of our classroom purposes other than some scripting in PowerShell that RDM is great at.
I'm currently working with Maurice Côté with running scripts to multiple sessions and am hoping to hear from him today for assistance with that.

I am a strong promoter of RDM, as it serves our purposes well and you guys have been great as far as support goes.

If you have any way to send commands in real time to multiple sessions, it would help us out tremendously. Thanks!

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