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Options for LogOff of RDP sessions

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I notice when you right click a session in the left pane it has the option to log the session off. Is it possible to also have this option when you right click the session entry to the right of the dashboard?

Also it would be great to have a general option to automatically attempt to log off all RDP sessions when closing Remote Desktop Manager.

Clock8 yrs

For the first request, you want this even if you are not connected yet? I have added the other one to our todo list.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs

Sorry for the late response - for some reason I'm not getting notifications of replies to subscribed threads any more (possibly our spam filter?)

"you want this even if you are not connected yet?"

Not sure what you mean by this - the session entry at the top of the RDM window only appears when the session is open? The issue for me is that I often have multiple sessions open - when I want to log off a computer it's almost never visible in the Sessions list on the left, because I've already searched for some other session.

It's mostly at the end of the day when I want to log them all off, so the second option would do it really.

Clock8 yrs