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I've install version and obtained and activated a trial key. I want to add users and security group, but it won't seem to let me with the Local Data Source. Should I be able to add them?

I then tried to create a database on a remote SQL Server 2005 and 2008, but it seems that its try to connect on the wrong port 1433, when both server have a 1434 port that is listening. I don't know that much about SQL Server, so it could be a configuration issue.

When I tried to create an Microsfot Access database, the windows says "the file will be created if it does not exist", but when you give it a file name and then try open it it says "unable to find the embedded" and then "the current datasource is unavailable. Could not find file". How do I get it to create a file?

Clock8 yrs

the Access file is created automatically when the the file does not exists as long as the path is correctly set. Could you send me a printsceen? To manage users, you need the SQL Server data source. You can specify the port this way:,1434

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs

Once I was able to add the port SQL Server it worked fine. Thank you.

So plugins like MySQL don't allow access control?
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