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I'm trying to centralise all our administration duties (or at least as many as possible) within Remote Desktop Manager. The text/data entry are a bit non-intuitive as it seems like these entry types operate exactly like remote sessions.

Is it possible to simplify these so when you single-click on a text entry it just shows the text on the right hand side, instead of all the fairly-useless session info? Ideally without actually opening a session in the tab list at the top (unless you double click on the item in which case it should do so)

Also the "Web Browser" sessions are great, but is it possible that on their dashboard you could add:

- Open URL
- Copy URL
- Copy User Name to clipboard
- Copy Password to clipboard

--- like the "Data entry" session types have? I'm having to duplicate each "Web Browser" session with a "Data entry" session in case we need to retrieve the saved credentials.

One last thing - When you open a "Text" session, is it possible to make it editable without opening up the Edit Session window?

Clock8 yrs

Sorry for delay. For the text file you can set the text to be embedded but it's not exactly what you want. I have added a feature request for that and it's a really good idea. Same thing for the editable text

The copy User name and copy password is available in the Clipboard sub menu

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs