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Creating Putty Session

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Here is the code that I am using to import my CSV file with the intention of creating multiple putty sessions however what is getting created is a "SSH shell" connection


$csv = Import-Csv $args[0];

foreach ($connection in $csv)
Write-Host ("Importing : " + $connection.DataCenter + "-" + $connection.Name);
$session = New-RDM-Session -Name $connection.Name -Group "HMS Servers\"+$connection.DataCenter -Kind "Putty"
Set-RDM-Session $session -NoRefresh
Set-RDM-Property $session.ID -Path Putty -Property UseSession -Value false
Set-RDM-Property $session.ID -Path Putty -Property Host -Value $connection.IPAddress
Set-RDM-Property $session.ID -Path Putty -Property ProtocolType -Value SSH

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Hi Douglas,
You need to set the SubMode to 0

Set-RDM-Property $session.ID -Property SubMode -Value 0

fixed the typo
edited by stefane on 6/2/2014

David Hervieux


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I Am doing it this way:
---- Cde ----
$session = new-RDMSession -Group "folder\path" -Host "IP" -Name "FQDN" -Kind "putty"
$session.putty.Application = "Putty"
$session.Putty.UseSession = $False
$session.SubMode = 0
$session.putty.ProtocolType = "ssh"
set-rdmsession $session

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