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[Resolved] Dashboard tab staying first.

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I am back again... with a new wishes.
Is it possible that dashboard tab stay always visible ?
I explain : Let's imagine that I have a lot of open computer in RDM. The dashboard tab is no more visible. Now I have to run a macro, that I call via the dashboard. I need first to go on the right side of the screen to clic on the small triangle, a number of time, to let the dashboard tab appear on the other side. When it is visible again I have to go on the oposite side to clic on the dashboard tab, and then I can select the macro that I want to run.
It will be easier that the dashboard tab stay always visible also I can direct select it.
edited by ThomasX on 6/12/2014

X. Thomas.

Remote Desktop Manager [Persy Abbey (BBS14928)]_2014-05-27_17-20-04.png
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I'm not sure how I could do that with the UI framework but I could add a Select Dashboard in the tab context menu

David Hervieux


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Hi David,
I just see this option :
When did it arrive in this menu.
It's just what I need.

X. Thomas.

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