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not a feature request, just an enhancement request

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Hi David,
first of all many thanks for this fast development, improvment and so on.
but for us and probably most useres of RDM there are some small or bigger things that could be improved!
for example the possibillity to control the hole RDM throught the keyboard, keyboard-arrow-movement in the connection tree, mouse-over focus at the connectionstree for the mouseweehl. a more efficient design, possibility to doc the connectiontree as a sidebar or gadget.
just as example for more efficient design, take look at firefox, the tabs are the opend connections and the dashboard and at the "lesezeichen" you place the connectionstree with the datasource dropdownlist and a searchbar at the bottom:


Clock8 yrs

Thank you for your suggestion. I will see what I can do for the future UI redesign. You are right that's a very optimized layout but I just don't know for now how I can do the same.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs