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Is the Mac version released?

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I have been running the trial of RDM on a Windows VM on a Mac. I'd really like to run it on the Mac natively. It wasn't until I was researching pricing that I learned that Mac licenses are included -- I didn't even know there was a Mac version! It seems like after the Fall, 2013 announcement, the wind has gone out of this product effort.

The beta that I downloaded feels incomplete and I can't get LastPass credential retrieval to work. Plus, there's no help file in the Mac version.

So, I have two questions: is the Mac product dead? Second, is there a released (non-beta) version of RDM available for licensing?


Clock6 yrs

We are really working hard on the Mac version. We will have an update to the beta soon (next week) with the user management for SQL Server and MySQL data sources.

We are also working on the help file but as you might you, it takes time to write all the documentation. We have enhanced the Last Pass integration in the Windows version and it's not in the Mac version yet. Perhaps your issues are related to that.

The major problem that we have is that people expect a minimal feature set similar to the Windows version but we have 5 years of development to catch up.

David Hervieux


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I don't doubt you'll get there. But the Mac version isn't out of beta yet -- and if I read the blog posts correctly, you missed a ship date. All I wanted to know is if you are still committed to it and when you expect it to ship as a production product with whatever level of capabilities you have slated for a first release.

I plan to buy RDM (just one license, but it's a start). So, I just want to know when the Mac version ships so I am not buying a beta.

Clock6 yrs